Saturday, March 29, 2008

I spent 3 weeks in California and we had a lot of fun times, Disneyland, feeding the ducks at the park, Library story time. It is fun to spend special time with each one. Payton and I spent our special time going to stores, buying a treat and her favorite reading books.

Calilfornia fun with grandma:
Payton dying Easter Eggs

Wade eating an apple. 10 months and moving all over. He is such a happy baby and fun to hold. Weston's special time is usually going to Soup Plantation for lunch.
Weston was chosen to be the guard at Aladdin
show. He was very serious and stern

Kylie (8) playing soccer on the Purple
Dolphins She scored her first goal.

Kylie sold over 200 boxes of girl scout cookies.
Our new favorite is
Lemonade. Our special time is always getting a pedicure and then
going to Sees Candy and choosing our favorite chocolate. (we don't tell
anyone. )

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